1. – What Are its Uses and Why is it Important?

    • How Does Work? Establishing a network connection to the loopback address is accomplished in the same manner as establishing one with any remote computer or device on the...


  2. Scratch 1.0 - Scratch Wiki

    • Note: Sounds from Scratch 1.0 projects are static when loaded with Scratch 2.0 when sounds are compressed.[2]. Some features include


  3. 1.0.1 – Official Minecraft Wiki

    1.0.1 was released to fix some of the bugs and crashes in 1.0.0 servers. As it is a server-only update, 1.0.0 remained the current client version. 2 bugs fixed. "Invalid server key" error fixed when attempting to log into servers. "Null pointer exception" error fixed when logging into servers.


  4. Apache Kafka: A Distributed Streaming Platform.

    • Kafka 1.0.0 is no mere bump of the version number. The Apache Kafka Project Management Committee has packed a number of valuable enhancements into the release.


  5. Безопасность, Пожарное оборудование ОБСУЖДЕНИЯ:0-1.ru

    [Раздел]. Тема обсуждения. Сортировать обсуждения по : Заголовки. Список с <1> 31 ... Автор вопроса. первой. ответов/ смотрели. Автор последнего сообщения. дата ответа. [Прочее].


  6. Beta 1.0_01 – Official Minecraft Wiki

    Beta 1.0_01 was released to fix some of the bugs and crashes in Beta 1.0. 2 bugs fixed. Fixed double chest bug. Fixed rare crash on level load bug.


  7. 1.0.0 – Official Minecraft Wiki

    1.0.0 was the first non-development release of Minecraft 1.0 (also known as the second part of the Adventure Update or the Lost Update), adding brewing, enchanting, the End, hardcore mode, breeding and more. It was released at 21:54:50 UTC on November 18, 2011 during MineCon 2011.


  8. Patch 2.0.1 | WoWWiki | Before the Storm (Patch 2.0.1) is the content patch for World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade...

    Before the Storm (Patch 2.0.1) is the content patch for World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade. A new Looking For Group tool designed to assist players in finding groups for instanced dungeons and quests will now be available.


  9. Alpha 1.0.1_01 – Official Minecraft Wiki

    Alpha 1.0.1_01 was released to fixed a bug. 1 bug fixed. Fixed a Linux mouse bug.


  10. Alpha 1.0.1 – Official Minecraft Wiki

    Alpha 1.0.1, also known as Seecret Friday 3, was the third of the Seecret Updates. It added redstone and some related blocks, and made some other changes. Redstone. Redstone ore. Redstone torch. Lever. Stone button. Wooden and stone pressure plate. Iron door.


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